Continuing Mission 29: We Made That Together / by Trek fm

Robin Heirt Talks Star Trek Dark Armada.

Running Time: 33 minutes 25 seconds
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A group of fans from the Netherlands are hard at work making Star Trek fan films and proving, once again, that Star Trek fandom crosses all borders. In this episode of Continuing Mission, host Dennis Castello interviews Robin Heirt, the executive producer of Star Trek Dark Armada, to find out what it's like to be a Star Trek fan in the Netherlands. Robin also talks about the learning curve they went through making their past episodes, why they decided on the post-Voyager era as “their Trek,” and their plans to turn Star Trek Dark Armada into Star Trek Batavia.


Meeting Robin (00:01:49)
How the Project Got Its Start (00:04:53)
The Dark Armada Team (00:07:22)
About Star Trek Dark Armada (00:09:02)
Robin’s Favorite Thing About Making STDA (00:12:52)
Their Greatest Challenge (00:16:16)
Their Greatest Joy (00:18:57)
Robin’s Advice to Other Fan Filmmakers (00:20:28)
How They Make Their Shows (00:23:32)
About The Writing (00:25:20)
How to Find Robin (00:26:16)
Final Thoughts (00:26:42)


Dennis Castello


Robin Heirt


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