Continuing Mission 47: Alligator Sandwiches / by Trek fm

Ray Tesi talks Stage Nine Studios.


Running Time: 35 minutes 12 seconds
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In 2017, Ray Tesi began production on a Star Trek fan film entitled Starship Republic. That project is still in the works, and hopefully will be released in the not-too-distant future. Making fan films is a passion for Tesi, and that has led him to take a giant leap of faith with the acquisition of his very own production space: Stage Nine Studios in Kingsland, Georgia. If that location sounds familiar, it’s because Star Trek Continues filmed there. Tesi struck a deal with Vic Mignogna and purchased the former home of Star Trek Continues, complete with standing sets and lighting rigs.

In this episode of Continuing Mission, host Tony Robinson is joined by Tesi to talk about Stage Nine Studios, how he came to be own these well-known sets, and why having a fully outfitted studio is a dream come true for this truly avid Star trek fan.


Intro (00:00:00)
Welcome Again Ray Tesi (00:02:04)
The Vignette (00:05:22)
Under Vic’s Nose (00:06:30)
The Incredible Sets (00:09:50)
Untidy Captain Kirk? (00:15:16)
Open For Business (00:18:07)
The Website (00:23:16)
What Happens Next (00:27:43)
Compliments (00:28:40)
Closing (00:29:15)

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Tony Robinson


Ray Tesi


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