Continuing Mission 26: Opening Up The Cage / by Trek fm

Star Trek: Captain Pike.

He was captain of the Enterprise before Kirk, but remained little-known to Star Trek fans for years. Even after the release of Star Trek’s original pilot “The Cage” in 1988, fans had to rely on books and comics to learn more about the character played by Jeffrey Hunter. Then came J.J. Abrams, who put Pike in the center seat—for a bit. Thanks to this, even casual Star Trek fans are now familiar with the officer that die-hards have longed to see fleshed out.

In this episode of Continuing Mission, new host Eric Brasure is joined by someone attempting to do just that: Todd Shawn Tei. As the producer of the new independent film project Star Trek: Captain Pike, Todd is drawing upon elements of the captain’s life that have been revealed through the expanded universe—along with his own unique take—to tell Pike’s story. Co-writing with him is none other than Walter Koenig, and the film has signed on a star-studded cast of faces familiar to all Star Trek fans. Together with Shawn, we delve deeper into the project.

Running Time: 36 minutes 7 seconds


Eric Brasure


Todd Shawn Tei

Editor and Producer

Christopher Jones

Executive Producers

Matthew Rushing and Norman C. Lao

Associate Producer

Michael Frisbee

Production Manager

Richard Marquez

Content Manager

Will Nguyen


Background to Pike (00:01:54)
Approaching the Character (00:03:11)
Building Off The Cage (00:09:23)
Kirk and Pike: Differences in Command (00:12:33)
The Cast of Star Trek: Captain Pike (00:15:44)
Putting It All Together (00:21:26)
Sets and SFX (00:25:59)
Closing (00:30:29)

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