Continuing Mission 28: The Explorer’s Heart / by Trek fm

Tommy Kraft Talks Star Trek Horizon.

Running Time: 40 minutes 5 seconds
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Tommy Kraft has labored for three long years as the main creative force behind the film Star Trek Horizon. Now the film is about to be released, and Tommy has a lot to say about the rigors of being a one-man-band filmmaker.

In this episode of Continuing Mission, host Dennis Castello is joined by Brandon-Shea Mutala as they interview Tommy to find out how he almost died making the film, learn about some of the good things that happened to the project along the way, and get some great advice for those thinking of making their own fan films.


Welcome Tommy (00:02:02)
Why a New Crew? (00:06:20)
About Tommy Kraft (00:09:08)
Tommy's Favorite Enterprise Episode (00:10:19)
Why Make a Film? (00:16:11)
A Good Surprise (00:20:16)
How Tommy Almost Died Making His Movie (00:22:42)
Tommy's Gear (00:24:59)
Tommy's Advice to Fan Filmmakers (00:27:44)
How to Contact Us (00:37:38)


Dennis Castello and Brandon-Shea Mutala


Tommy Kraft


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