Continuing Mission 23: Prescott Returns to the Farragut / by Trek fm

Starship Farragut: The Crossing.

The Original Series time period is a popular one for fan series, but that doesn't always mean Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise. There were more ships out there during the time of the five-year mission, and Starship Farragut takes its queues from this fact. The series premise, simply put, is “New Ship, New Crew, New Adventures—but all based on the era of Classic Trek.” Conceived of in November 2004 and officially launched in 2005, Starship Farragut is one of the most veteran of Star Trek fan series.

In this episode of Continuing Mission we're joined by actor and writer Paul Sieber, who has been with Farragut since the early days and is returning to write the screenplay for the next episode, "The Crossing," to learn more about the series and plans for the future.

Running Time: 53 minutes 40 seconds


Christopher Jones


Paul Sieber

Editor and Producer

Christopher Jones

Associate Producer

Michael Frisbee


Paul's Star Trek Background (2:07)
The Premise of the Crossing (10:37)
Visual FX and Production (17:06)
The Return of Security Officer Prescott (21:15)
Director, Cast, and Crew (26:33)
Kickstarter and Perks (32:21)
Closing (44:11)

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