Standard Orbit 172: Star Trek is Everywhere / by Richard Marquez

Star Trek in Pop-Culture

Running Time: 1 hour 8 minutes 16 seconds

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From Saturday Night Live to The Big Bang Theory; Star Trek is everywhere and it is good! Zach and Ken discuss some of the funniest and most popular references in TV and film from our beloved franchise. We took this subject to our phenomenal listeners and asked them to provide their favorite Star Trek parodies and references; we call them out and share a starter list of some of the best references we could find.

The scale and scope of Star Trek in pop-culture is Beyond belief and we hope you enjoy this light and fun show and reflect on some of your favorite Star Trek moments within your own entertainment venues.

Welcome to Corey Elrod; Standard Orbit's newest Associate Producer!


Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:08)
Enjoying the Inside Jokes (00:04:02)
Let the references begin! (00:04:58)
SNL had a few (00:05:04)
Get a Life (00:09:03)
Improv and James Carey (00:12:30)
Fan Boys (00:15:50)
Family Guy (00:20:28)
Seinfeld/Galaxy Quest/Spaceballs (00:23:23)
Futurama (00:34:32)
Our Listener's lists (00:37:36)
Previously on (01:00:22)
Thank You for Listening to Standard Orbit (01:04:26)
Star Trekkin Across the Universe (01:05:00)


Ken Tripp and Zach Moore


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