Standard Orbit 173: Full Motion Picture / by Richard Marquez

Why Star Trek The Motion Picture Works

Running Time: 1 hour 6 minutes 57 seconds

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This week on Standard Orbit we dive into the areas of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. What worked well, where were the gaps, and why is this movie growing in popularity as time passes.

Long time TMP advocate Ken is joined by another outspoken fan of the movie, Aaron Harvey, co-hosting while Zach is off filming the Green Berets. Aaron and Ken step back from their biases and discuss the various aspects of this picture. They connect the relationship to the original TV show through to the sequels and on to The Next Generation. Permission to come aboard is granted as it is time to leave space dock and warp into a another fun episode of Standard Orbit.


Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:08)
Meeting Christopher Jones (00:04:16)
What went right? (00:08:20)
The Music (00:12:35)
Structure (00:16:05)
Defined by creativity and dollars (00:18:00)
Attention to Detail (00:20:56)
The Flaws (00:29:04)
Directors Cut (00:41:12)
More Details, details, details (00:49:44)
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Ken Tripp and Aaron Harvey


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