Standard Orbit 171: Human Beings Need Love / by Richard Marquez

Will Stape Interview.

Running Time: 50 minutes 47 seconds

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The Original Series was a very provocative series for its time often pushing the envelope in many categories. In this episode of Standard Orbit, Will Stape joins us to discuss the portrayal of love, relationships and sexuality in TOS as examined in his recent book, "Star Trek Sex: Analyzing the Most Sexually Charged Episodes of the Original Series."

Will is also one of a select few freelance writers who sold scripts to The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine back in the days of Star Trek's open script submission policy. He shares the inspiration and production stories behind his episodes Homeward and Prophet Motive!


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Will Stape, Star Trek Fan (00:03:25)
Will Stape, Howard Stern Fan (00:05:43)
Star Trek Sex (00:10:01)
In The 24th Century... (00:27:13)
Homeward (00:30:07)
Prophet Motive (00:33:35)
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Holodecks (00:41:15)
More Star Trek Sex? (00:43:53)
Final Thoughts (00:45:28)
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