Stage Nine 48: The Aging Agent / by Mike Schindler


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Star Trek: Nemesis featured that pairing of writer John Logan and director Stuart Baird. While that effort may not have yielded the finest results, the duo would re-team in a uniquely different capacity on the 007 movie, Skyfall. Logan once again wrote the script. But this time around, Baird was not behind the camera, but in the editing room.

In this episode of Stage Nine, hosts John Mills and Mike Schindler take a look at Skyfall. We discuss the similarities to The Wrath of Khan, Baird's skills as an editor, and photography of the movie. In news, Mike reviews the new Ira Steven Behr production, Lucky, and we critique the new trailers for The Orville and Star Trek: Discovery.


 Intro (00:00:00)  
Lucky (00:01:07)  
The Orville (00:13:25)  
Discovery (00:16:40)  
Skyfall (00:39:17)  
Closing (01:01:45) 


John Mills and Mike Schindler  


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