Stage Nine 47: Five Stars on Fire! / by Mike Schindler

Any Given Sunday.

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While in pre-production on Star Trek: Nemesis, producer Rick Berman teased the involvement of an A-list writer. That writer turned out to be Oscar nominee John Logan. While best known at the time for his contribution to Ridley Scott's Gladiator, Logan's best film is arguably Oliver Stone's Any Given Sunday. The picture stars Al Pacino as a football coach who is at a crossroads when Dennis Quaid, his aging star quarterback, is injured, making way for Jamie Foxx, a talented, yet inexperienced newcomer.

In this episode of Stage Nine, Mike and John look at Any Given Sunday. We discuss the visceral experience of watching the film, how the action is structured around Logan's screenplay, and why his work on Nemesis may not have stacked up. In news, we discuss the numerous Star Trek vets working behind the scenes on Seth MacFarlane's new Trek homage, Orville.


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Mike Schindler and John Mills


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