Stage Nine 56: Blues Riff in B / by Mike Schindler

Discovery News & Empower by Kim & Lippoldt. 

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Last week at San Diego Comic Con, CBS gave us our largest taste of Star Trek: Discovery yet. While the centerpiece was a new trailer, a lot of behind-the-scenes information was revealed as well. 

In this episode of Stage Nine, hosts John Mills and Mike Schindler take a look at all of the Disco news, including the trailer, new directors John Stuart Scott and T.J. Scott, new cast member Wilson Cruz, and new composer Jeff Russo. And in our feature, we discuss short stories from the new book Empower: Mind Over Matter by Disco writers Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt. 


 Intro (00:00:00)  
The Discovery Trailer (00:04:29)  
New Discovery Directors (00:15:38)  
Jeff Russo (00:22:11)  
Wilson Cruz (00:33:39)  
Empower (00:44:10)
Closing (00:57:56) 


 John Mills and Mike Schindler


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