Take Command of Life with the ThinkGeek Inflatable Captain’s Chair / by Trek fm

You long eyed Kirk’s chair. You survived hundreds of away missions in your red shirt. But when the Excelsior came available you were beaten to the punch by Sulu. Life just isn’t fair.

But don’t fret. ThinkGeek has a Captain’s Chair with your name on it. And best of all… it’s inflatable! That’s right. For just $24.99 you can take the Captain’s Chair wherever you like and command your crew with the buttons and lights that are printed on the arms. This officially licensed collectible makes commanding officers out of children and (small) adults and is sure to be a conversation starter when you whip it out at the local Starbucks.

To find out just how useful this chair is, watch the video below that takes an ordinary workday… captain’s style. Then go and get your own chair at ThinkGeek.com.