Trekland Hosts TNG Screening Tickets Giveaway by Trek fm


Trekland, the blog of well-known Trek authority Larry Nemecek, is hosting a giveaway for tickets to the Fathom Events theater screening celebrating the release of Star Trek: The Next Generation season two on Bluray on Nov. 29.

A pair of tickets will be given away for screenings in five major cities: Boston, New York City, Orlando, Chicago, or Seattle. 


  1. Visit Larry’s website,, and click on the yellow Newsletter box at left.
  2. In the “First Name” box, ignore that label and write your FULL NAME and complete mailing address: street, city, state, zip. 
  3. In the “Last Name” box, ignore that label as well and type one of the five “TICKET CITY” listed that is proximate to you—Boston, NYC, Chicago, Orlando, or Seattle, followed by the one-word answer to the following question:

In TNG Season 2, what major Star Trek “villain” group was introduced in what was originally going to be a “Part 2” episode to”Time Squared”?

  •  (Example:  “Orlando — THERMIANS*”)

Entry deadline is 6 p.m Eastern Time/ 3 p.m. Pacific on Sunday, Nov. 25. One entry allowed per person.


Five winners will be announced by Monday night on Nov. 26 from entries that submit the correct answer to the trivia question and a complete, useable email and mailing address; both are required in order to win. Fathom Events will be provided the five winners’ addresses, and will supply the prize tickets directly to them. Also, Fathom will award the specific theater passes as close as possible based on geography.

For further information about the contest and the TNG season 2 Bluray release event, please see

* - THERMIANS is not the correct answer. Launches New Voyager Podcast “To The Journey” by Trek fm

Star Trek fan community and podcast network announced today the launch of a new show dedicated to Star Trek: Voyager. The half-hour show, titled “To The Journey,” is hosted by Tristan Riddell, Charlynn Schmiedt, and Lorrie Sears.

The show takes its name from a scene in the series finale, “Endgame,” in which Harry Kim says: “When I think about everything we’ve been through together, maybe it’s not the destination that matters. Maybe it’s the journey.” To this Tom Paris and then the crew respond “To the journey!”

Rather than reviewing episodes of the series, “To The Journey” will examine specific elements of Voyager. This could include a specific character, a technology, a plot device, or even one of Neelix’s famous leola root recipes. It’s a journey into the minutiae of this part of the Star Trek universe.


Tristan Riddell is the host of’s Hyperchannel video news show. Charlynn Schmiedt is the managing editor of as well as the network’s Voyager editor and a regular guest on The Ready Room. Lorrie Sears is a Voyager writer for

An additional contribution comes from veteran CG artist Tobias Richter, who leads the renowned design studio The Light Works in Cologne, Germany. is would like to extend this biggest of thanks to Tobias for providing an amazing render of the USS Voyager for use on the cover and site art for “To The Journey.” You can find all of Tobias’s amazing work at

“To The Journey” is currently available for streaming and MP3 download on the website at The show is also available through iTunes in an enhanced format with chapters, artwork, and embedded hyperlinks, and through Stitcher.

Federation: The First 150 Years Release Date Pushed Back to December 4 by Trek fm

Perhaps due to a temporal disruption, fans who have been eagerly awaiting the release of the art book Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years, will have to wait just a little bit longer. Originally slated for a November release, this 176-page hardcover volume has been pushed back to December 4.

But once it is here, fans will be treated to a gorgeous historical exploration, not of Star Trek the show, but of the Federation itself.


Published by 47North, Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years includes a display pedestal complete with lights, sound, and… oh my!… the voice of Admiral Hikaru Sulu.

Filled with beautiful illustrations, key historical documents, and rarely seen artifacts such a Zefram Cochrane’s original sketches for the Phoenix and a handwritten letter from young Jim Kirk, the book—which was assembled as a special exhibit on Memory Alpha—is a must-have for any Star Trek fan. It’s truly is beautiful, and there’s never been such an enlightening glimpse into the history of the future.

Get a glimpse inside the book in the video below.

Star Trek Titan Television Series Kickstarter Planned by Trek fm

The group behind the Star Trek Titan campaign is planning a Kickstarter to help fund an effort to show CBS that fans want a post-Nemesis TV series. To help push the initiative, Star Trek Legends has put together an incredible video combining moments from Star Trek films, including TOS, TNG, and the J.J. Abrams reboot.

The aim of the Kickstarter effort is to help finance promotions that will garner one million likes on Facebook—a display to the studio of strong fan support. Set after the events of Nemesis, the envisioned series would follow the missions of Captain William T. Riker aboard the the U.S.S. Titan.

You can find out more and show your support by visiting

The following video is by StarTrekLegends, who you can find at