Star Trek Magazine Summer 2012 Issue Now Available Through iOS Newsstand App by Trek fm

The Summer 2012 issue of Star Trek Magazine is out, and with it comes a whole new way to read about Trek. Publisher Titan Magazines has teamed up with pixelmags to bring the publication to the iPad.

You can now get Star Trek Magazine through the iOS Newsstand app for just $8.99 per issue. Back issues are available as in-app purchases for $8.99 or $5.99, depending on the issue. Subscriptions are available for $15.99 for six months or $31.99 for 12 months. It’s a wonderfully Trek-like way to read… on your very own PADD.


In the Summer issue you’ll find exclusive interviews with Leonard Nimoy and Manny Coto, plus features covering the tough choices Starfleet officers must make, the latest happenings in Star Trek Online, and a new archive feature—”Time’s Arrow”—takes a look at The Wrath of Khan, The Search for Spock, and The Voyage Home.

Search your Newsstand app or iTunes for “Star Trek Magazine” or use this link to view iTunes info in your browser.

How to Beam Yourself Into the Calgary Expo by Trek fm

Canada has its fair share of Trek—William Shatner and the City of Vulcan to name just two of the country’s connections. Now Star Trek fans in Calgary can be the first to beam themselves up to the 24th Century with a new collaboration between the City of Vulcan and the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo.

It’s all thanks to some ingenious Augmented Reality technology that combines the Vulcan Tourism Transporter App for iPhone and iPad with specially designed bus shelters. It’s part of the TNG 25th Anniversary celebration that will see the nine principal cast members reunited at the Calgary Expo April 27-29.

Following the Expo, the technology will be over permanently to the City of Vulcan, Alberta, and will be available for fans at Spock Days in June. Visit calgaryexpo.com for more details about the TNG reunion, and watch the full demonstration video below.