CBS Updates the TOS Communicator App for iPhone and iPod touch by Trek fm

The Star Trek Communicator App for iPhone and iPod Touch has been around for quite some time, but this week CBS released an update that make the app better than ever. If you’ve ever wanted to carry your own TOS-era communicator around in your pocket, this is your chance. The updated app has a simplified interface, an all-new look, TOS-era lights and buttons, and a series of new themed sound packs.

The sounds packs are available as in-app purchases for 99 cents each, but one extensive pack is included. The add-on packs cover Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Iconic Phrases, and Special FX.


In addition, a TOS-themed phone screen lets you call anyone in your iPhone’s contacts list directly from the app… we mean your communicator. So use your finger to flip the cover open and communicate away! Just beware of using during a lightning storm.

You’ll find the updated version of the app in iTunes App Store for 99 cents.

How to Beam Yourself Into the Calgary Expo by Trek fm

Canada has its fair share of Trek—William Shatner and the City of Vulcan to name just two of the country’s connections. Now Star Trek fans in Calgary can be the first to beam themselves up to the 24th Century with a new collaboration between the City of Vulcan and the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo.

It’s all thanks to some ingenious Augmented Reality technology that combines the Vulcan Tourism Transporter App for iPhone and iPad with specially designed bus shelters. It’s part of the TNG 25th Anniversary celebration that will see the nine principal cast members reunited at the Calgary Expo April 27-29.

Following the Expo, the technology will be over permanently to the City of Vulcan, Alberta, and will be available for fans at Spock Days in June. Visit for more details about the TNG reunion, and watch the full demonstration video below.