Redshirts Card Game Gives You the Power to Boldly Eliminate Your Crew / by Trek fm


The red shirt is a thing of legend in the Star Trek universe. If you are one of those officers with the misfortune of being assigned to security, you might want to schedule shore leave before Kirk sets course for the next mission. Otherwise you could end up like the poor folks in the Redshirts Card Game.

Designed by Jonathan “Skippy” Schwarz with art by David Reddick, the Redshirts Card Game is a light-hearted game of space exploration, betrayal, and murder for 2-7 players. Using two decks of cards—Captain’s Log and Redshirts—you get to decide the fate of your crew. According to the box your mission is:

“To discover hazardous news planets. To make contact with psychotic civilizations. To boldly eliminate your crew like no Captain has done before.”

Sounds like fun, right? If you’d like to venture into this truly final frontier you can get the Redshirts Card from ThinkGeek for $19.99. The set includes 108 cards, a rulebook, and lots of danger.