Project "Send Picard to Space" a Success / by Trek fm


For Logan Kuglar it all started with a dream: to send Picard to space. We’re not talking about Sir Patrick Stewart himself though, but rather an action figure of Picard. Joining their Captain on this flight would be Riker and Data, and flying along side would be Kirk, J.J. Abrams and Roberto Orci (in action figure form of course). The method of transportation would be models of the Enterprise and small high-altitude balloons. The destination? The stratosphere.

The only thing standing in the way was something that, ironically, Picard and Kirk don’t use: money. That’s where Kickstarter came in. Kuglar flew past his goal of $2,750 at warp speed as 169 backers committed $6,193 to this awesome endeavor. The result was a successful mission that saw the action figures soar into the stratosphere and return safely to Earth.

It was an amazing two-hour flight and Kuglar has put together an extensive photo essay chronicling it all.

To see the details of just what happened visit for the official photo essay tracking the project from pre-launch through successful flight.