CraveOnline and La La Land Records Give a Glimpse “Behind the Score” of TOS / by Trek fm

La-La Land Records has treated Star Trek fans to a steady stream of soundtrack restorations and special editions over the past year. But fans of The Original Series have yet to receive anything as satisfying as what the Burbank music company now has planned. For the first time ever, all of the music written and recorded for TOS will be available to fans in a special 15-disc CD collection.

This incredible set includes compositions by Alexander Courage, George Durning, Jerry Fielding, Gerald Fried, Sol Kaplan, Samuel Matlovsky, Joseph Mullendore and Fred Steiner. In addition, a 100-page booklet with in-depth notes has been prepared by Star Trek historian and film music journalist Jeff Bond.

Pricing and release date has not been set, and La-La Land Records is gauging consumer interest on their website. If you’d like to show your support for the Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection and get more information as it becomes available, visit