eBook Review: "The Stuff of Dreams" by James Swallow by Charlynn Schmiedt

James Swallow’s new eBook, The Stuff of Dreams, sees the return of the Nexus. It’s a semi-sequel to Star Trek: Generations and directly follows David Mack’s recent Cold Equations series. Swallow has written a poignant, heartfelt story that dives into the depths of Jean-Luc Picard, leaving the reader with a better understanding of one of Star Trek’s greatest captains and one of its most fascinating anomalies.

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The Good, the Bad, and Ugly of Holodeck Programs by Lorrie Sears

With Microsoft recently developing a basic “holo-desk” program that allows users to manipulate 3-D computer generated objects, a second look has been given to Star Trek holodeck programs and their uses.  Whether holodecks were used for training, medical programs, sports and recreation, the re-creation of real-life characters, novels, children’s’ entertainment and learning, or sex, the programs filled a need in starship crews’ lives.

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