Matthew Rushing

Book Review: "The Weight of Worlds" by Greg Cox by Charlynn Schmiedt

“It would appear, Captain,” Spock said with a trace of amusement, “that your reputation precedes you.”

Once again, the Enterprise and her crew are on the edge of the final frontier and it is the only ship standing between the Alpha Quadrant and a crusading invasion that will stop at nothing to convert the entire galaxy to their truth.

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eBook Review: "The Stuff of Dreams" by James Swallow by Charlynn Schmiedt

James Swallow’s new eBook, The Stuff of Dreams, sees the return of the Nexus. It’s a semi-sequel to Star Trek: Generations and directly follows David Mack’s recent Cold Equations series. Swallow has written a poignant, heartfelt story that dives into the depths of Jean-Luc Picard, leaving the reader with a better understanding of one of Star Trek’s greatest captains and one of its most fascinating anomalies.

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Book Review: "Federation" by David A. Goodman by Charlynn Schmiedt

The package arrives in a large box. When opened, it reveals another box inside. This is the beautiful box that holds the LCARS stand and the book itself. Immediately, this sets this reference book apart from all others that have come before it. Even before everything is out of the box, one is left marveling at the presentation of this product.

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Book Review: "Silent Weapons" by David Mack by Trek fm

David Mack’s Cold Equations trilogy continues in Silent Weapons, and just like the first book, it does not disappoint. Each book in this series is a stand-alone adventure, yet threads and themes run through each one. This works well and leaves the reader satisfied, yet still longing for the full completion of the series.

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