Lorrie Sears

Easy Out or Necessary Evil? Some Thoughts on the Doc’s Mobile Emitter by Lorrie Sears

The Doctor’s mobile emitter helped him break free from the confines of sickbay and the holodeck. Our intrepid Doctor, much to his chagrin, was a one-trick pony for most of the first two seasons of Voyager. Despite his first integration into the ship’s holodeck for the episode “Heroes and Demons,” and again merged with an alien technology to fight the diabolical clown in “The Thaw,” Doc mainly stayed in sickbay.

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The Good, the Bad, and Ugly of Holodeck Programs by Lorrie Sears

With Microsoft recently developing a basic “holo-desk” program that allows users to manipulate 3-D computer generated objects, a second look has been given to Star Trek holodeck programs and their uses.  Whether holodecks were used for training, medical programs, sports and recreation, the re-creation of real-life characters, novels, children’s’ entertainment and learning, or sex, the programs filled a need in starship crews’ lives.

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Trek Children: Looking Back At the Franchise's Youngest Crew Members by Lorrie Sears

TNG had Wesley Crusher. DS9 had Jake and Nog. Voyager had Naomi Wildman. Children, the literal “next generation,” are a small presence in Star Trek, yet some have a big impact. Whether they are annoying or endearing, the kids of Trek are not easily forgotten. Let’s take a look at those we got to know the most.

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