Deep Space Nine

Deep Space Nine: The Most Unique Star Trek by Trek fm

While writing about which Star Trek was the best last month, my mind kept going to Deep Space Nine. Even though the show came in right in the middle as far as fan reviews, it has been my personal favorite for years. Last year, I had the chance to re-watch the entire series with my wife, who had only seen a handful of episodes on television in reruns.  

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Trek Children: Looking Back At the Franchise's Youngest Crew Members by Lorrie Sears

TNG had Wesley Crusher. DS9 had Jake and Nog. Voyager had Naomi Wildman. Children, the literal “next generation,” are a small presence in Star Trek, yet some have a big impact. Whether they are annoying or endearing, the kids of Trek are not easily forgotten. Let’s take a look at those we got to know the most.

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