Lisa M. Lynch

DeForest Kelley: The One and Only by Trek fm

He’s a beloved fan favorite, and he was also a favorite of his Star Trek co-stars. He was considered a quintessential Southern gentleman, and a selfless, intelligent actor. DeForest Kelley took the character of Dr. McCoy and made him his own. He developed McCoy from the ground up, and when you’re watching Bones be Bones, you’re watching Kelley be Kelley. Dr. McCoy is also a true Southern gentleman because of the man portraying him.

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Vulcans Running Amok: The Pon Farr by Trek fm

Send the children into the other room for an episode of SpongeBob if you would, please. Actually, if any Vulcans are in the room, they may wish to join the children, as they may find SpongeBob preferable. Come to think of it, you might go too and make it a party. Just keep it down.

What is being written here today, no outworlder must know. Vulcans do not even discuss it amongst themselves!

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It Takes More Than a Few to Make a Crew by Trek fm

The Constitution Class Starship USS Enterprise 1701 boasts 430 crew members. Of these 430, viewers are well-aquainted with Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy. Lieutenant Uhura is the trusty communications officer, and Mr. Chekov navigates while Mr. Sulu operates the helm. Scotty is the stalwart in the engineering department and Nurse Chapel is a competent presence in sickbay. Most people even remember Yeoman Janice Rand with her incredible basket weave hairdo, even though she didn’t last beyond the eighth episode of the series.

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Assignment: Earth by Trek fm

It’s the Star Trek episode that isn’t quite Star Trek.

At the end of itssecond season, the return of The Original Series was in doubt and creator Gene Roddenberry wanted to find something to replace his imperiled show. In 1966 he had unsucessfully pitched a pilot script to Desilu studios entitled “Assignment: Earth.”

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From Unfinished Alien to Pure Vulcan, Or How Mr. Spock Got Cool by Trek fm

If Vulcan has a cucumber equivalent, Mr. Spock would be as cool as that. With his slightly-upturned eyebrows just right for lifting in wry fascination at the absurdity of human behavior to his understated utterance of “fascinating” often targeting same, Mr. Spock is one calm, collected and unfazed alien.

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