Greatness Adjusted for Inflation: Meet the Best Trek Ever by Trek fm

It’s probably safe to assume that you have your favorite version of Star Trek that you’ll readily defend until the sun explodes. Whether you’re an Original Series purist, a Picard-Diehard, a fan of the Abramsverse, or you just love it all, you’re one of the millions of dedicated fans across the globe.

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Rewriting Trek by Trek fm

The fictional universe of Star Trek represents one possible future. That future has been assembled by numerous writers over the course of 45 years, six television series, and eleven feature films. When dealing with such a long span of time, so many contributors, and the evolving nature of society, it’s only natural that elements of this universe will change, stories will contradict one another, and early ambiguities will be filled in by later treks.

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Vulcans Running Amok: The Pon Farr by Trek fm

Send the children into the other room for an episode of SpongeBob if you would, please. Actually, if any Vulcans are in the room, they may wish to join the children, as they may find SpongeBob preferable. Come to think of it, you might go too and make it a party. Just keep it down.

What is being written here today, no outworlder must know. Vulcans do not even discuss it amongst themselves!

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Twitterfic: Role Players Explore Strange New Worlds On Twitter by Shanna Gilkeson

Commander T’Pol is missing. A survey mission to a Class M planet rich in minerals possibly related to Romulan cloaking technology has gone horribly wrong. Sensor readings are disrupted. When the crew finally locates T’Pol, she’s out of her mind, shooting at everyone—and that phaser isn’t set for stun. To make matters worse, the Romulans are probably lurking out there, waiting to make their move.

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