Riker! Riker! Won't You Please Sit Down? by Trek fm

William T. Riker always wanted his own command. It was his Number One priority—in terms of his career anyway. It’s hard to imagine the allure of the captain’s chair winning out over Minuet, Etana Jol, or certainly Deanna Troi. Yes, Riker’s love of women has been well documented over the years, but there is one other thread that ran through all of TNG: Riker’s desire to one day command his own ship. Fortunately, in the end, he didn’t have to choose. He got his ship and his Imzadi, too. But the road to that final destination was a long and winding one

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From Unfinished Alien to Pure Vulcan, Or How Mr. Spock Got Cool by Trek fm

If Vulcan has a cucumber equivalent, Mr. Spock would be as cool as that. With his slightly-upturned eyebrows just right for lifting in wry fascination at the absurdity of human behavior to his understated utterance of “fascinating” often targeting same, Mr. Spock is one calm, collected and unfazed alien.

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