Earl Grey 47: Starfleet Code 47 / by Darren Moser

The Top 47 Things We Love About Trek, Part 1.

Most fans are aware of the reoccurrence of the number 47 in TNG and subsequent Star Trek series. Join us as Earl Grey celebrates its 47th episode—and the larger "47 conspiracy"—by listing the 47 things we believe make Star Trek a great television and movie franchise as it approaches its half-century mark. Darren Moser, Daniel Proulx, and Phillip Gilfus deliver a round-robin discussion of philosophy, ships, episodes, costumes, and more as they explain why they love all things Trek.

Running Time: 1 Hour 18 minutes 42 seconds


Phillip Gilfus, Darren Moser, and Daniel Proulx



1 Special Effects DS9 (DM) (4:14)
2 Nacelles! (DP) (5:55)
3 The humor/funny episodes - Message in a Bottle, Tribbles, etc. (PG) (7:10)
4 Warp Travel Voy (DM) (9:16)
5 Romulans (DP) (12:03)
6 Music - JJ/TOS Movies/TOS/series openings (PG) (13:56)
7 Blu-Ray Response TOS Remastered (DM) (16:06)
8 Kirk/Spock relationship (DP) (17:53)
9 The diversity of casts - humans/aliens characters (PG) (20:07)
10 Cardassian Architecture DS9 (DM) (22:35)
11 Shared Universe (DP) (24:17)
12 Tackling big issues/morality plays - What is life? War? Command decisions? (PG) (25:58)
13 V'Ger (DM) (27:32)
14 Prophetic Tech (DP) (28:36)
15 The optimistic future of Federation - TOS/VOY/ENT (PG) (29:46)
16 Immersive Sets DS9, Voy, Ent, TOS (DM) (31:36)
17 Uniforms (DP) (33:15)
18 The serious fans/people (cons, Trekfm, discussion boards) (PG) (35:30)
19 The Doctor - Voy (DM) (36:40)
20 Inspiring real scientists/engineers (DP) (37:58)
21 Exploring the unknown - space, time, ourselves, always more in series (PG) (40:04)
22 Odo - DS9 Shapeshifter (DM) (41:21)
23 Influences in pop culture  (DP) (43:54)
24 The arts - exploring the classics of humanity's past, show as teacher (PG) (45:10)
25 Baseball in DS9 (DM) (46:52)
26 The Prime Directive (DP) (49:32)
27 Stories rising above sets, props, costumes (PG) (50:49)
28 The Cast Family (DM) (53:06)
29 Money (DP) (54:44)
30 Characters making mistakes, learning - Paris, Archer, etc. (PG) (57:47)
31 Glowing forcefield belts - TAS (DM) (59:32)
32 IDIC (DP) (1:00:48)
33 Everyone trying to make it as realistic as possible, world taken seriously (PG) (1:02:44)
34 Dead Stop (DM) (1:06:35)
35 Great Cliffhangers (DP) (1:08:38




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