Earl Grey 48: Forty Eight Minutes Remain / by Darren Moser

The Top 47 Things We Love About Trek, Part 2.

The number 47 repeatedly comes up in The Next Generation, but since Star Trek is currently celebrating its 48th year, Earl Grey uses its 48th episode to continue our look at the 47 things we love about Trek. In part two of this round-robin discussion, Darren Moser, Daniel Proulx, and Phillip Gilfus complete their run through the 47 greatest aspects of Star Trek as they cover the role of female characters, specific episodes, the various series, ship model sets, and more.

Running Time: 52 minutes 52 seconds


Phillip Gilfus, Darren Moser, and Daniel Proulx



36 Creating role models (PG) (1:12)
37 One Little Ship - DS9 (DM) (3:14)
38 The Movies! (DP) (5:05)
39 TOS - An exciting adventure (PG) (9:50)
40 Model Kits! (DM) (12:43)
41 Women of Trek (DP) (17:30)
42 DS9 - How today could be like if we tried (PG) (23:18)
43 Message In A Bottle (DM) (26:43)
44 Broken Bow (DP) (29:50)
45 VOY - How to best handle crisis (PG) (34:04)
46 Incorrect Next Week promos (DM) (36:01)
47 Future Trek (DP) (38:13)



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