Earl Grey 46: My Blu-ray Keeps Skipping This One / by Darren Moser

Most Forgettable TNG Episodes.

Even the most die-hard TNG fan may have trouble remembering the storylines for all 178 episodes that span the seven season of the television show. A good, bad, or mediocre episode can still come as a complete surprise when one does a rewatch of the series. In this episode of Earl Grey, Daniel Proulx, Darren Moser, and Phillip Gilfus do a round-robin style listing of the episodes they can barely remember from The Next Generation. See if you remember these stories that faded into the recesses of our minds.

Running Time: 47 minutes 15 seconds


Phillip Gilfus, Darren Moser, and Daniel Proulx



Phillip: Transfigurations
Darren: Eye of the Beholder
Daniel: Aquiel
Phillip: Lonely Among Us
Darren: Imaginary Friend
Daniel: The Masterpiece Society
Phillip: The Quality of Life
Darren: Remember Me
Daniel: The Vengeance Factor
Phillip: True Q
Darren: Skin of Evil
Daniel: Man of the People
Phillip: Where Silence Has Lease
Daniel: When the Bough Breaks
Daniel: Liaison



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