To The Journey 83: Up Against a Wall / by Charlynn Schmiedt

Janeway's Worst Command Decisions.

With four pips comes enormous responsibility. This is an attribute that all of the captains in Star Trek, from James T. Kirk to Benjamin Sisko, have come to understand. The well-being of the crew and ship hangs in the balance with every decision made. Actions will affect not only the crew, but possibly impact entire civilizations—or in Captain Kathryn Janeway's case, an entire quadrant. Janeway faced this task without the help or, perhaps at times, the hindrance of Starfleet Command and the Federation. While she did perform well under pressure most of the time, she is human and therefore fallible. Did Captain Janeway accomplish the most favorable outcome for Voyager and her crew or was the Delta Quadrant truly her Kobayashi Maru?

In this episode of To The Journey, Charlynn and Tristan discuss which of Janeway's command decisions were amongst her worst or most questionable. Should she have booted Neelix from the ship at the end of "Caretaker?" Was giving the Hirogen holographic technology Janeway's only option for ending the conflict in "The Killing Game"? Listen on and find out what Char and Tristan think of these moments and more.

Running Time: 36 minutes 52 seconds


Charlynn Schmiedt and Tristan Riddell



Maybe Baby (3:36)
Pull the Plug (7:22)
Who Needs a Cook? (10:32)
Trading (14:36)
Deal With the Devil (19:22)
Talking About Not Talking About It (22:29)
Try Harder (4:22)
Good Ol' PD (28:21)



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