To The Journey 82: Mom Jeans / by Charlynn Schmiedt

Persistence of Vision Commentary.

In this episode of To The Journey, Char and Tristan break out the coffee ice cream and do a commentary for Season Two's "Persistence of Vision." Topics include the numerous times The Doctor got shrunk, Neelix's meal serving schedule, Chakotay's disappearance in the turbolift, the numerous angles in which we see the Bun of Steel, and, of course, Torres's "sweet dream" of making out with Chakotay and how that wasn't awkward or weird at all. They aren't sure, but this might have all been a hallucination.

Running Time: 54 minutes 58 seconds


Charlynn Schmiedt and Tristan Riddell



3, 2, 1, Play (3:46)
Never Get Tired (9:25)
Access Panels (18:11)
More Than Meets the Eye (28:38)
The Incident (34:41)



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