To The Journey 41: Just His Gloves / by Trek fm

The Fight Rewrite.

Sometimes after watching an episode, don't you just shake your head and think "I could've done better than that!"? So it is with “The Fight.” In this episode of To The Journey we all try our hands at either throwing out the whole thing and starting over, or keeping the least painful parts and turning it into hopefully something better. Char has Chakotay feel the love, Tristan has the man face his defective gene head-on, and Lorrie just throws in an homage to "Rocky." What would you have done with "The Fight"? 


Running Time: 31 minutes 34 seconds


Tristan Riddell, Charlynn Schmiedt, and Lorrie Sears



Just His Gloves
Crazy Gene
Char's Rewrite
Lorrie's Rewrite
Tristan's Rewrite


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