To The Journey 40: Disney Princess Punching Bag / by Trek fm


Our next character analysis takes us to the lovely underground home of the Ocampa and its gift to Voyager, Kes. In this episode of To The Journey as we explore the pixie’s life from her introduction in “Caretaker” to her departure in “The Gift.” All of us agree we love her spirit and taste for exploration, and that the writers of Voyager should have used her more often. Char loves her dishing out the snark to the Doctor, Tristan loves her backwards kangaroo maternity clothes, and Lorrie thinks her telekinetic powers should have been used to do cooler things that just melting Tuvok’s face. What did you like about Kes?


Running Time: 34 minutes 1 second


Tristan Riddell, Charlynn Schmiedt, and Lorrie Sears



Exploration in her DNA
Untapped Potential
Favorite Moments
Rumors, Lies and Half-Truths


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