To The Journey 226: No Seven-Year Mission / by Trek fm

Vorik Character Analysis.


Running Time: 57 minutes 49 seconds
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Tuvok wasn't the only Vulcan aboard Voyager. In contrast to Tuvok's elder-statesman Vulcan persona was the more youthful and more enthusiastic Ensign Vorik. Being a youthful Vulcan, however, is not without its challenges. Your first Pon Farr can be especially disorienting when lost in the Delta Quadrant, 70,000 light years from the nearest Vulcan female. Just ask the apple of Vorik's eye and the object of his chemical-imbalanced affection, Lieutenant Torres.

In this episode of To The Journey, hosts Kay Shaw and Zachary Fruhling scratch the Vulcan seven-year itch with a character analysis of Ensign Vorik, including his internalization of Tom Paris's 20th-century advice not to lose one's Vulcan cool.


Intro (00:00:00)
That Vulcan petaQ! (00:01:53)
Vorik or Taurik (00:06:17)
Vulcan Grunt (00:10:15)
Youth or Just a Loose Cannon? (00:17:08)
Meditation Club (00:21:37)
Coming of Age (00:26:16)
Klingon Trust Falls (00:32:13)
Do You Accept? (00:38:07)
Pushing the Envelope (00:41:55)
Secret Platonic Man Crush (00:45:10)
Vulcan Romance (00:49:55)
Closing (00:51:55)


Kay Shaw and Zachary Fruhling


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