To The Journey 225: Emergency Massage Hologram / by Trek fm

"Pathfinder" Commentary.


Running Time: 1 hour 0 minutes 47 seconds
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Fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation were treated to not just one, but two, Next Generation cast members reprising their roles in the sixth-season episode of Star Trek: Voyager, "Pathfinder": Dwight Schultz as the nervous but endearing Lieutenant Reginald Barclay, and Marina Sirtis as Counselor Deanna Troi.

In this episode of To The Journey, hosts Zachary Fruhling and Kay Shaw sit down together for a "Pathfinder" audio commentary while fellow To The Journey host Suzanne Williamson is temporarily lost in some holographic fantasy along with Lieutenant Barclay and Commander Chakotay (who, coincidentally, forgoes a Starfleet uniform in favor of his Maquis leather, both in Lieutenant Barclay's holographic fantasy, and in Suzanne's).


Intro (00:00:00)
First Thoughts (00:01:55)
Commentary (00:03:37)
Final Thoughts (00:46:56)
Closing (00:54:39)


Zachary Fruhling and Kay Shaw


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