The Ready Room 154: Spock and [Redacted]: A Love Story / by Trek fm

The Enterprise Incident.

The cloaking device is one of the most powerful strategic technologies in Star Trek, coveted by the Federation even in 24th century. So when the little space birds started tweeting about the Romulans having one, Kirk and Spock had no choice but to stage an elaborate play in order to get their hands on it. It came to be known as "The Enterprise Incident," and introduced a number of elements that would be revisited time and again throughout Star Trek.

In this episode of The Ready Room we're joined by John Mills, Drew Stewart, and Jaime Sanchez to talk about Kirk and Spock's convoluted—and somewhat sensual—mission to steal a cloaking device, William Shatner's take on Romulans, why Joanne Linville should get more credit, and we reveal the true story behind the Romulan use of Klingon ship designs.

In our news segment we debate the results of's Mirror Universe poll, field listener Gene Russell's Question from the Fleet about pilot episodes and title sequences, and remember Arlene Martel, who portrayed T'Pring in one of the most famous Star Trek episode ever "Amok Time."

Running Time: 1 hour 53 minutes 00 seconds


Christopher Jones and John Mills



Drew Stewart and Jaime Sanchez



Remembering Alene Martel (2:23)
And the Favorite Mirror Universe episode is… (9:30)
Question from the Fleet: Pilot + Title Sequence Faceoff (18:44)
Sponsor: Audible (31:40)


Feature: The Enterprise Incident

Intro and Synopsis (36:43)
Thoughts and Memories (43:19)
You Pointy-Eared Bastard (49:09)
A Convoluted Mission (55:36)
Damn That Ship Looks Familiar! (1:05:23)
Spock and [Redacted]: A Love Story (1:13:03)
Influencing Later Trek (1:25:56)
Final Thoughts (1:32:42)
Closing (1:40:00)



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