The Ready Room 153: It's Not a Magic Pill / by Trek fm

Dear Doctor.

In the vast majority of Star Trek episodes we know that our crews are being guided by Starfleet General Order One, or the Prime Directive. It’s Starfleet’s highest law and a framework for interactive with alien cultures. Captain Archer had no such directive to guide his actions, and the need for one became very obvious when a request for medical assistance led the NX-01 to the planet Valakis and an encounter with two sentient humanoid species sharing an unusual symbiotic relationship.

In this episode of The Ready Room we're joined by Tommy Kraft, Sebastian Prooth, and Eric Brasure to discuss the ethical dilemmas faced by Archer and Phlox, cultural understanding, when it is and isn't appropriate to "play God," the need for the Prime Directive, and why we miss Kellie Waymire.

In our news segment we discuss the idea of a Captain Worf television series now that a new video interview with Michael Dorn has surfaced, William Shatner's new documentary about the making of The Next Generation, Chaos On the Bridge, and thoughts on the DS9 finale from those who created it.

Running Time: 1 hour 53 minutes


Christopher Jones and Tommy Kraft



Sebastian Prooth and Eric Brasure



Could Captain Worf ever be a reality on television? (4:01) needs your support on Patreon to continue publishing (12:54)
Chaos On the Bridge! William Shatner chronicles the making of TNG (15:29)
Explore the DS9 finale with Larry Nemecek's TREKLAND: On Speaker Vol. 3 (24:15)
Sponsor: Audible (28:31)


Feature: Dear Doctor

Intro and Synopsis (32:48)
First Impressions (35:36)
Movie Night Brings the Crew Together (41:14)
Cultural Understanding (44:46)
Why We Love Kellie Waymire (55:20)
A Learning Captain (59:05)
An Evolutionary Advantage (1:08:30)
Human Compassion (1:10:47)
Playing God (1:21:41)
Final Thoughts (1:25:06)
Closing and Feedback (1:37:10)



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