The 602 Club 56: Jedi Purgatory / by Matthew Rushing

Star Wars: Heir to the Empire.


Running Time: Running Time: 1 hour 21 minutes 56 seconds
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In the summer of 1991 many Star Wars fans found a treat in their local bookstore as the story of Luke, Han and Leia was officially continued in a new book, licensed by Lucasfilm. Written by Hugo Award-winning author Timothy Zahn, this story would become, for many fans, Episode VII and with The Force Awakens replacing the Star Wars Expanded Universe we look back at this beloved book.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Ma’tthew R’ushing is joined by Bruce Gibson and John Mi’lls to talk about Heir to the Empire. We discuss being back at the beginning, continuing the Original Trilogy, plot points, the Jedi path, new characters, things that worked and didn’t, wrapping up with our ratings.


Introduction (00:01:20)
Back to the Beginning (00:04:16)
Continuing the Original Trilogy (00:19:59)
Plot Points (00:30:43)
The Jedi Path (00:48:45)
The New Characters (00:58:29)
Things that Worked, Things that Didn’t (01:07:22)
Ratings (01:12:08)


Ma’tthew R’ushing


Bruuce Gibson
John Mi’lls


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