The 602 Club 55: Personal El Guapo / by Matthew Rushing


Running Time: Running Time: 2 hour 17 minutes 57 seconds
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When one of the longest running and most revered movie franchises releases a new film it’s no question that expectations are going to be high as fans eagerly anticipate what is next for their favorite character, a Bond movie is no exception, especially with a name like SPECTRE and the possibilities it brings.

In this episode of The 602 Club host M is joined by OO agents John Champion and Norman Lao talk about SPECTRE. We discuss our first impressions, continuing Bond, it’s all connected, an interesting question, under siege, new characters, Bond in love, the one ring, theme and music, if their were too many spy movies this year, mission evaluation, rankings and listener feedback.


Introduction (00:01:17)
First Impressions (00:02:55)
Continuing Bond (00:08:02)
It’s All Connected (00:19:15)
An Interesting Question (00:27:36)
Under Siege (00:45:29)
New Characters (00:58:07)
Bond in Love (01:12:17)
The One Ring (01:24:51)
Theme and Music (01:28:46)
Too Many Spy Movies? (01:38:09)
Mission Evaluation (01:39:36)
Rankings (01:50:34)
Listener Feedback (01:56:37)


Matthew Rushing


John Champion
Norman Lao


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