The 602 Club 157: Don't Stop for Sentiment / by Matthew Rushing

Stranger Things 2.

Running Time: Running Time: 1 hour 28 minutes 34 seconds
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It has been a year since the events of the last season and a lot has changed in Hawkins, Indiana as the boys are growing up, facing new challenges and a few their not expecting, girls, rivalry and the return of the Upside-down.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by Andrea Coffman and Christy Morris to talk about Stranger Things 2. We discuss our first impressions, home, Eleven's journey, friendship, Billy, teenage angst, Hopper, Paul Reiser, what about Bob and our ratings.


First Impressions (00:04:08)
Home (00:10:33)
Eleven's Journey (00:24:43)
Friendship (00:36:26)
Billy (00:42:14)
Teenage Angst (00:51:19)
Hopper (01:06:23)
Paul Reiser (01:12:54)
What About Bob (01:17:13)
Ratings (01:21:10)


Matthew Rushing


Andrea Coffman
Christy Morris


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