The 602 Club 156: Imagine Dragons' Thunder / by Matthew Rushing

Thor: Ragnarok.


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It's been nine years since the first Marvel movie Iron Man kicked off the MCU and since that time the studio has released seventeen movies. One series has struggled more than the others so, as it came time for the third Thor movie, a new director was brought in to shake up the status quo.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by Lee Hutchison to talk about Thor: Ragnarok. We discuss coming into the film, two different tales, taking it seriously, the Goddess of Death, new character, Loki, Dr. Strange's cameo, the Hulk, the score, a retcon and ratings


Coming into Ragnarok (00:06:54)
Tale of Two Different Planets (00:15:46)
Taking it Seriously (00:22:08)
Dispatching the Merry Band (00:31:31)
The Goddess of Death (00:36:08)
Jeff Goldblum (00:42:38)
Valkyrie (00:44:38)
Karl Urban (00:48:57)
Korg (00:51:17)
Loki (00:54:21)
Dr. Strange Cameo (00:57:31)
The Hulk (01:00:35)
The Score (01:05:12)
A Retcon (01:07:51)
Ratings (01:09:42)


Matthew Rushing


Lee Hutchison


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