Standard Orbit 191: If You Could Name a Starship... / by Richard Marquez

Appropriate Names for Federation Starships.


Running Time: 52 minutes 59 seconds

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In this episode of Standard Orbit: Nic Anastassiou and Ken Tripp talk about the naming of Starships and what would be a good fit for a fleet that calls itself a humanitarian and peace keeping Armada.

After our 6+ suggestions and the call-out on what has to be worst named starship; we ask our listeners to give us their opinions, names, and reasons as to what would be a great name for Federation starship...After all: "we are one big happy fleet..." See you in the Babel Conference.


Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:22)
Famous Quotes (00:02:59)
Cousteau and Calypso (00:06:36)
The French Connection (00:07:14)
The Name Game (00:10:13)
Beacon of Hope (00:14:35)
NASA Program (00:17:48)
Alexandria (00:20:12)
Return of the Red Shirt Starship (00:24:31)
He Cheated eating an apple (00:31:00)
The Escort Ships (00:36:09)
Lazy Writing (00:37:45)
Final Thoughts (00:40:00)
So Long and "Calypso" (00:49:28)


Ken Tripp and Nic Anastassiou


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