Standard Orbit 190: Beyond Expectations / by Richard Marquez

Best Trek Moments in the Latest Film.


Running Time: 1 hour 23 minutes 6 seconds

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In this episode of Standard Orbit: Nic Anastassiou and Amy Nelson join Ken in this week completion of the series reviewing the best Star Trek moments in the Kelvin Timeline movies. We enjoy some discussions on the premier of Discovery and how the premier of Beyond was handled.

A deep dive into a great Star Trek film with great discussions and some famous Standard Orbit tangents targeting the best of Beyond. Amy, Ken, and Nic dissect and drill into the core of this film and explore the great references to the original series. Please share your thoughts regarding this movie on the Babel Conference. LLAP


Welcome to Standard Orbit! (00:01:22)
More Tough times on the Islands and Mexico (00:02:08)
Amy's Adventure (00:04:00)
Nic's Updates (00:05:34)
Beyond Premier (00:09:41)
Opening Scene (00:14:10)
Quotes and Opinions (00:18:19)
Let it be the Corbomite Maneuver (00:20:00)
The Chekov Factor (00:46:02)
More Great Movie Quotes and we see the Federation (01:10:00)
Thanks for Listening (01:23:00)


Ken Tripp, Nic Anastassiou, and Amy Nelson


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