Stage Nine 16: Pibb Mythology / by Mike Schindler

American Dad! 2x12 Commentary.

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On Episode 13 of Stage Nine, Mike revealed his love for Mr. Pibb. This sparked much debate online. John and Mike thought it best to continue the conversation by taking a look at the Mr. Pibb episode of Enterprise actor Seth MacFarlane's American Dad!

In this episode what starts off as an audio commentary for American Dad! 2x12, "A.T.: The Abusive Terrestrial," quickly morphs into a trip down memory lane as Mike reveals the unknown history of Mr. Pibb, and why he loves it. Along the way, we discuss the historical accuracy of the episode, the real-world events leading up to the death of Mr. Pibb, and how Seth MacFarlane's love of Star Trek influences his work. In news, we discuss how the delay of Discovery is not really a bad thing.


Intro (00:00:00)  
Discovery's Delay (00:01:03)
American Dad! Commentary (00:10:16)
Closing (00:43:34)


John Mills and Mike Schindler


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