Star Trek Online Unveils Temporal Lock Boxes / by Trek fm

Perfect World have announced new lock boxes for Star Trek Online that allow players to turn back time. The new Temporal Lock Boxes bring a host of ships from both the Prime and Mirror Universes, as well as new duty officers, uniforms, consoles, and more.

The Federation Wells Class and Klingon Korath Class temporal science vessels give players the ability to rewind time by 13 seconds. With this new ability you can effectively take a mulligan in the heat of battle. Got caught with your pants down? No problem. Rewind, raise shields, and tell Saavik to just keep on quoting regulations.

From science vessels to raptors to Braxton’s Aeon timeship, the new offerings introduce incredible variety to STO. Along with more gear like the time traveler jumpsuit, the content of these lock boxes and Lobi Crystal Store give you power over time itself.

For more details on the Temporal Lock Boxes tune in to our STO show Deck Eight. In episode 12, host Colin and Tom provide an in-depth look at the ships and other equipment that they contain.