Last Day for Larry Nemecek's "Con of Wrath" Donor Upgrade Special / by Trek fm


In the spirit of Oscars weekend, today marks the last day of Larry Nemecek’s “donor upgrade special” for THE CON OF WRATH documentary’s fan “crowdfunding” program. Through midnight Pacific Time on Monday, February 27, you get a bump up in thank-you goodies to the next stated level. So for example make a $50 donation and get the same goodies normally tied to a $100 donation. Everyone still gets a screen credit, too.

It’s all part of the first phase of filming for “The Con of Wrath”—using a lot of can-do, hands-on donations from fans in return for screen credit and customary fan thank-you gifts—on eight levels ranging from just $10 and $25 on up, using the PayPal Donation system. Goodies range from an official poster all the way up to co-producer credits.

And this “special” expiring tonight helps Larry jump-start the spring filming sessions for the documentary, with a reward “upgrade” for fans who can help with a donation from $10 to $500 in Phase I of filming.

Find out more about the latest developments in this TREKLAND post, including Larry’s recent shoot with Starlog founder Kerry O’Quinn (shown together in the photo above).

If you have not heard of THE CON OF WRATH—either the original 1982 Ultimate Fantasy “meltdown to miracle” landmark Trek debacle in Houston, or Larry’s documentary about it now filming after a few sessions in L.A., Seattle and of course Houston—check out the preview below with Harve Bennett and Walter Koenig.

We also have a half-hour interview with Larry about the project here on in an episode of Matter Stream for an even more in-depth look.

You can visit for even more info to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the project, and find Con of Wrath and TREKLAND on Facebook.

Visit this page to donate to THE CON OF WRATH documentary project.