Glue Guns and Phasers Takes Crafts Where No One Has Glued Before / by Trek fm

Many Star Trek fans know Mary Czerwinski—Twitter’s “Televixin”—from the podcast she co-hosts, DVD Geeks, and her “Make Me Dehner” campaign. Now Mary has teamed up with Brandi Clark to combine two passions into one: Star Trek and… crafts.

In the first episode of this new video show, Glue Guns and Phasers, Mary and Brandi show you how to make your very own Scrabble tile charm using Star Trek imagery.

The final product can be worn as a necklace, a pin, or made into magnets! (It may even be effective in protecting Red Shirts on away missions, but we have not confirmed this. Use at your own risk.)

And if you’re not artistically inclined, don’t worry. This is an “Ensign Level” mission.

You can follow the girls on Twitter at @gluegunsphasers and you’ll find the videos on Mary’s YouTube channel. You can also watch Episode 1 of Glue Guns and Phasers below.