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Hyperchannel 169: Discovery Assembles Its Crew by Luke Weir

Star Trek: Discovery officially announces the remainder of its cast as production gets underway, Michael Dorn will not be appearing on Discovery, Patrick Stewart is done with X-Men, Bridge Crew is delayed (again), and McDonald's uses Star Trek imagery to promote a new burger in Japan.

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Hyperchannel 164: Portal 47 ft. Larry Nemecek by Matthew Rushing

Larry Nemecek joins us to talk about the upcoming free online open house for Portal 47 featuring Robert Butler, director of the first TOS pilot "The Cage". Plus, Star Trek Beyond's commentary track, Patrick Stewart's latest projects, and J.J. Abram's affinity for lens flare.

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Hyperchannel 7: Where the Hell Are Spock's Ears?! by Trek fm

Michael Giacchino Talks Star Trek: Live in Concert | Voyager Points the Way to Liberation Through Loss | Patrick Stewart Grills Smithsonian Director on Star Trek

Michael Giacchino Talk Star Trek: Live in Concert

One of the most delightful part of the J.J. Abrams reboot of Star Trek has been the music. Michael Giacchino has continued the franchise's rich tradition of beautiful scores and has joined the Alexander Courage, Gerald Fried, Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, and Ron Jones as one of the great voices behind the visuals. has published an interview with Giacchino in which the composer talks about writing music for Star Trek and of TV and film projects, what inspires him, his lifelong connection to Star Trek, and advice for those looking to compose for film in the future.

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Voyager Points the Way to Liberation Through Loss

It's unusual to hear fresh perspectives on Voyager 20 years after the show premiered, especially those of someone watching the show for the very first time. In a new article on, Ava Noë writes about her experience watching Voyager for the first time here in 2014, and the differences she sees between it and past Star Trek. A key point is liberation through loss, and talks about how—in an age of so much information clutter and noise—sometimes we need to get away from it all.

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Patrick Stewart Grills Smithsonian Director on Star Trek

While visiting the National Museum of American History to present four costumes from his latest X-Men film, which are being donated to the collection, Patrick Stewart began to protest the lack of Star Trek memorabilia at the Smithsonian. When it was pointed out to him that they do in fact have Spock's ears in the collection, Stewart insisted that he could give them some more things of real significance and that he would make it his personal mission.

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