Larry Nemecek

Hyperchannel 164: Portal 47 ft. Larry Nemecek by Matthew Rushing

Larry Nemecek joins us to talk about the upcoming free online open house for Portal 47 featuring Robert Butler, director of the first TOS pilot "The Cage". Plus, Star Trek Beyond's commentary track, Patrick Stewart's latest projects, and J.J. Abram's affinity for lens flare.

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Hyperchannel 76: Admiral, There Be Fans Here! by Trek fm

Geek Nation Tours 2015 and 2016 Preview.

Larry Nemecek joins us to talk about plans for this year’s Geek Nation Tours one-day trek into the Valley of Fire, where fans can face relive the showdown between Picard and Soran along with special guest Michael Westmore. We also preview plans for the big 50th anniversary year tour in 2016, which expands upon the usual Geek Nation Tours adventure with the addition of a San Francisco leg.

Running Time: 19 minutes 30 seconds


Christopher Jones


Larry Nemecek

Editor and Producer

Christopher Jones

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Matthew Rushing and Norman C. Lao

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Richard Marquez

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Will Nguyen

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Hyperchannel 28: A Spock a Day Keeps the Doctor Away by Trek fm

Spock Days are Coming to Vulcan… Alberta | Has Netflix Teamed Up with CBS for a New Star Trek Series?

Running Time: 17 minutes 37 seconds

Spock Days are Coming to Vulcan… Alberta

If you've always wanted to visit Vulcan, there's never been a better time to go that the weekend of June 13-15. The weather is beautiful and you won't even need an extra set of eyelids to protect you. While you're there in the town of Vulcan, Alberta, Canada you'll meet Nana Visitor, Rene Aberjonois, and Chase Masterson, as well as take in stargazing hosted by the Royal Astronomical Society of Calgary. There lots of Star Trek fun in store for you during the Spock days of summer.

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Has Netflix Teamed Up with CBS for a New Star Trek Series?

Uhm... no. They have not. But the rumor is swirling after someone misinterpreted comments from Phoenix Comicon. The story making the rounds is that Larry Nemecek broke the news to those at the convention; but this is not what happened. Larry pops in for a few minutes in this episode of Hyperchannel to clear the air and tell us what really was said.

Read more from Larry about this story on his website.

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