Hyperchannel 42: Is It Showtime for Star Trek? / by Trek fm

Could Star Trek find a home on Showtime? | Nestle plans to create Star Trek's food replicator

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Could Star Trek find a home on Showtime?

The rumors of a Netflix-CBS deal for a new Star Trek series simply won't die down, even as those with connections to the franchise and studio work to put them to bed. But don't worry, if the rumor does fade there is another set to take its place. What if Star Trek were headed not to Netflix, but to Showtime? It does make sense, since Showtime is owned by CBS, but is an antiquated and dying distribution model really the right choice for the next incarnation of a series about the future? A new article on 1701News makes a case for just such a move.

Read the full article on 1701News.


Nestle plans to create Star Trek's food replicator

Customization is big these days. You can make gadgets your own by choosing colors, textures, and features that fit you own unique tastes. Should nutrition be any different? Sure, you can put in the time to cook carefully planned meals, but few people have that kind of time. Global food giant Nestle wants to address this through the creation of a device that could resemble Star Trek's food replicator. The aim of the device is to tailor foods and nutrients to the individual, and to make this food available at the touch of a button. So if you like your raktajino with a (nutritious) jacarine peel, you could be sipping one within the decade.

Read more on the BBC website.

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