Hyperchannel 41: From Iceland to Risa / by Trek fm

Trekkies go on an away mission to Iceland | Garrett Wang is waiting to meet you on Risa


Running Time:  12 minutes

Trekkies go on an away mission to Iceland

Few places on Earth have landscapes as diverse and breathtaking as Iceland. And with such variety of locales, a Trekkie naturally sees other worlds and adventures. When you multiply that by four you get a real away mission, which is what Andrew Jason Leung, Ken Lin, Jennifer Puno, and Mike Rousseau embarked upon during a recent visit to the country. While there the group shot an extensive set of amazing photos as they donned Star Trek threads, and to share them with the world they've set up a photo-centric website that will sweep you away to beautiful—and sometimes alien—landscapes.

View the photos.


Garrett Wang is waiting to meet you on Risa

Risa, the Star Trek social media site, is currently celebrating its one-year anniversary. To celebrate, the team over on Risa are running a special promotion and have hooked up with Garrett Wang, Voyager's Harry Kim, for an extra-special grand prize. The promotion is simple: include the hashtag #harrykim when you post a message on Risa between now and June 30, 2014. By doing so you'll be entered into a drawing for prizes, which include a video chat session with Garrett.

Visit Risa and enter the contest.

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